Seema Naaz- (June 15, 2017)

"Little Champ Preschool is a great place to send your kids. Sushma is an amazing person and has so much passion to teach kids. She is very organised. My daughter loved going to her preschool and never wanted to miss a single day. Thank you Sushma for your help."

Preethi Janardhanan- (March 31, 2017)

"My kids both go to Sushma for after school care. Sushma has been wonderful in caring for them and making them feel comfortable and at home. My daughter adores her and does not want to leave at the end of the day. Thanks Sushma."

Naldine Berko- (January 2, 2017)

"My daughter Alexa went to Sushma for Summer School. Alexa loved going and always asks to go visit again. Sushma went out of her way to put Alexa at ease as we just moved from South Africa at the time. She works with every child on his/her own level to ensure that they progress. Alexa received the necessary encouragement to complete her work in a neat way and we received extra work to do at home to consolidate the work done at school. Alexa loved the art and was very proud of the work she brought home. As an elementary school teacher I feel Sushma's program is well balanced and that she goes out of her way to prepare each child for school readiness. The lunch served to the children are healthy and tasty. I want to recommend this daycare to anyone who is looking for their child to learn and socialize."

Preeti Zp- (November 3, 2016)

"In 2.5 short months, 29-31.5 months, he learned with little reinforcing shapes, colors, sounds and to recognize all his letters upper and lower case. Going on our 7 month here, he comes home singing songs, doing yoga poses and tells me "sushma does it like this" . He randomly tells me about his friends here and what they have been up to. Because she reads to them each day he continues to love read. They learn, do worksheets, art, and it seems well balanced with freetime, fun and outside play time. Sushma is very caring and my son enjoys his time here and comes home happy. She notices the small things about my son which shows she is paying attention and Halloween went out of her way to make it memorable experience. If I ask she quickly can tell me what he is working on and what he needs more practice at home doing. Im looking forward to her teaching him how to read!"

 Meenakshi Murugan- (January 10, 2017)

"Sushma is a wonderful person. She is very good with kids and extremely caring and kind. She is also hardworking and cooks delicious . Love you Sushma!! "

 Niranjan Ramakrishnan- (August 16, 2016)

"My kids have been going to Little Champs for a few days now. One outstanding improvement that I have seen in them is that their food habits have changed overnight. They love the food that they get served at the day care and are now willing to try new cuisine. The kids also like Sushma and look forward to going to the day-care."

 Dolly Cruz Aquino- (August 24, 2016)

"Hello, My son goes to Little champs extended care. He really loves going there. Ms Sushma takes care of the kids very well. My son always brings in his homework gets done. The place is clean and organized. Thank you Ms Sushma for taking care of my son. I would recommend Little champs extended care to everyone."